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We are Weaver...

Company News

👋 Hi. We are Weaver.

Weaver was founded four years ago with a simple idea in mind: to celebrate the work of quality renovation contractors and inspire them to grow a super successful business.

For far too long, builders have had a reputation defined by a few cowboys; there’s even a TV series about them in the UK! Meanwhile, the majority of contractors consistently deliver quality work for homeowners. We’re out to change the image of the industry, and we want people to recognise the incredible values upheld by home renovation contractors. We’ve built software that makes it easier for the best businesses to grow smartly. How do we do this?

We match the right builders with great residential projects.

(If you’re a builder looking for projects to bid on click here. Homeowners can upload their project details here.)

The idea for Weaver was borne out of a frustration experienced by two of our co-founders, Greg and Linden — but more on this later. First, we want to talk about the values that unite our team on this mission.

🪴 Learn, share, and grow intentionally. We know that inspiration is contagious, so we are attentive to opportunities to listen, learn, and teach. By sharing what we learn, we provide the spark for others to grow, improve as individuals, and deliver better work as a team.

🤝 Build together. We know that a problem shared is a problem halved. By collaborating closely, we make each other better and provide inspiration to get our most important work done.

🎁 Deliver what matters. We are unafraid to get things started, and we like to keep things moving. We are open about our priorities and candid with our feedback, and we always focus on what will create the most impact.

How did we get here?

Greg and Linden met (quite a long time ago) at college studying architectural history. A decade later, having pursued careers in construction, hospitality, and architecture, they linked up again and realised they were both trying to do the same thing: enable quality builders to find projects that are actually ready to start on site.

Linden had already built a rough-and-ready solution in PDF format, whilst Greg was busy scrolling through his phone book to source contractors for a client. They knew that an app could solve this problem, so they formed a dream team with Dan and Ed, who had been working together in B2B software. Together, the four founders built Weaver to help hard-working builders grow out their small businesses by matching them with residential projects.

Today, the Weaver team consists of two dozen engineers, artists, dreamers, and some of the nicest people (we think) that you’ll ever meet.