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Weaver is an app that introduces up to 3 quality contractors to a home renovation project. We verify builders’ work history and company information so homeowners can feel confident about starting their dream project.

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In the last year we’ve helped 446 homeowners find builders across £52 million worth of renovations.

Has your friend’s contractor been checked?

Don’t just take one person’s word for it. With a Weaver contractor you can avoid builders that shut their company down after a badly run project. Every one of our contractors goes through a company risk assessment and multiple phone-verified references for similar projects.
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Build confidence in your home renovation price

Get multiple quotes from contractors you can get to know. View their work history.
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Exchange a high volume of profiles for select builders you can trust
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Contractor profiles
Company risk assessment
Work history verified
Continuously assessed
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Company risk not checked
Work history unverified
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Company risk not checked
Work history unverified
Not trusted by architects
For any tradesmen
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Intelligent vetting

We have a special formula for finding the best contractors. Our founders spent years in construction so they could apply their learnings to finding quality builders for homeowners undertaking their biggest life project.

We call up every project the contractor has worked on

This way we know that their work experience is real (avoiding what the BBC investigators discovered at Rated People & MyBuilder).

Our company risk assessment spots negative signals

We work hard to avoid bad actors on our platform. For example, we look out for dissolved companies the Directors may have been part of.

We vet both sides – homeowners and contractors

We know that great projects happen when contractors and homeowners trust and respect each other. We enable this by ensuring a great match where both sides have been equally verified.

Contractors are continually assessed

We designed our marketplace so that contractors who act their best can obtain the most work. The platform displays metrics that reflects great service and promotes good behaviour.