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How to maximise your social media in 2023

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67% of homeowners use social media as their number one platform to find contractors. If you’re not on social media already, you’re missing out. 

You won’t want to miss this video! We have created a social media webinar, How To Maximise Your Social Media in 2023, where you’ll get FREE ADVICE from construction marketing expert, Kelly Worrall. After all, we’re giving you top tips on quick wins that you can implement right away. 

One of our favourite tips from the webinar

Remember that 90% of decision holders in a household are women. Posting photos on social media of unfinished construction work instead of a newly refurbished kitchen isn’t going to get engagement from homeowners.

Social media platforms such as Instagram also use algorithms relevant to who is following you. So, if you only follow and interact with other builders, your posts will always be shown to contractors rather than your ideal customers. 

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