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At Weaver, we believe in showcasing real success stories. That’s why we’re thrilled to present a case study that beautifully exemplifies the impact we can have on homeowners and their projects.

Mark Darnell. Director, UNFOLD Architecture + Design

“Weaver helped us find a really well matched shortlist of builders and we couldn't have been happier with the ones we chose”

Homeowner, Fulham

4 months

Final cost




Refurbishment and loft extension

Marcus’s Home in Fulham, living room.
Marcus’s Home in Fulham, living room and dining room.
Marcus’s Home in Fulham, kitchen.
Marcus’s Home in Fulham, balcony
Marcus’s Home in Fulham, shower room.
Marcus’s Home in Fulham, bathroom.
Marcus’s Home in Fulham, master bedroom.
Marcus’s Home in Fulham, master bedroom.
Pictures from a Weaver completed project

The Brief

Meet Marcus, a homeowner who knew what he wanted design-wise but didn’t know where to turn to find the right contractor who could deliver on budget and in his tight timeframe.

Our Solution

Enter Weaver, the bridge between homeowners with projects ready to proceed and vetted contractors. By making sure Marcus had all the project information needed to price Weaver could confidently introduce him to vetted contractors that suited the project criteria.

The Transformation

With Weaver, Marcus found a curated pool of contractors who were well matched for location, timeframe and worked on similar build budgets. Through streamlined communication and  direct access to vetted contractors he found a contractor he could select with confidence.

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