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Transforming Architecture Projects with Weaver

At Weaver, we believe in showcasing real success stories. That’s why we’re thrilled to present a case study that beautifully exemplifies the impact we can have on architects and their projects.

Mark Darnell. Director, UNFOLD Architecture + Design

“We found a builder who were really well matched to the project criteria through Weaver”

Mark Darnell
Director, UNFOLD Architecture + Design
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5 months

Final cost



Forest Gate

Timber clad wrap around rear & side extension

UNFOLD Architecture + Design, Back of property.
UNFOLD Architecture + Design, Dinning room.
UNFOLD Architecture + Design, Kitchen.
Pictures from a Weaver completed project by UNFOLD

The Brief

Meet Mark, a seasoned architect with a vision for innovative designs. However, he faced the common challenge of finding the right contractors who truly understood and could execute his creative concepts.

UNFOLD Architecture + Design, Before image.

Our Solution

Enter Weaver, the bridge between visionary architects and skilled contractors. By vetting contractors, providing comprehensive project information, and ensuring alignment with Mark’s creative vision, Weaver offered a transformative solution.

UNFOLD Architecture + Design, 3D render.

The Transformation

With Weaver, Mark found a curated pool of contractors who were passionate about his architectural vision. Through streamlined communication, direct access to contractors, and in-depth project insights, he enjoyed newfound efficiency and confidence in contractor selection.

UNFOLD Architecture + Design, Back of property.

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