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Why should you care about retrofitting?

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In a hurry? Here’s a quick overview

  1. Why is retrofitting important today? Homeowners looking to urgently save on energy bills and government plans to reduce emissions have created massive demand for construction professionals able to carry out retrofit works.
  2. How can retrofitting benefit your business? Let’s not beat about the bush! 1. More work opportunities for you 2. Remain competitive with homeowners looking specifically for retrofitting experience.
  3. Weaver lists the best online tools for you to become an expert: Check out which qualifications are easy to achieve, the best knowledge centres, as well as calculators for retrofit costs.
  4. We’ve got a graph to prove the rising popularity of retrofitting: see for yourself why you want to add this to your skillset!

What is retrofitting?

Retrofitting is one of the biggest trends in the construction industry today. It involves modifying an existing building to upgrade its energy efficiency. It can include:

  • Insulating walls, floors and roofs
  • Swapping out boilers for other energy sources such as heat pumps
  • Installing energy-efficient new windows & doors

Why should you care about retrofitting?

This market earns a whopping £4bn every year and is predicted to rake in £300bn by 2030!
  1. The energy crisis has made homeowners desperate to reduce their energy bills.
  2. The UK government plans to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, and UK homes are responsible for up to 25% of emissions. It's clear that demand will just keep on rising.
  3. As a contractor, offering retrofitting services can give you a competitive edge in the market and win over clients wanting energy-saving opportunities.

☝️ More and more homeowners are specifically looking for contractors who can advise them on the cost and benefit of retrofit installations

What are the benefits of retrofitting for contractors?

Retrofitting is a win-win for both homeowners and contractors. Homeowners can save money on their bills and have more sustainable homes, whilst contractors can expand their business.

a) You'll have a competitive advantage & win valuable work

  • Offering retrofitting services can help you win over clients who appreciate energy efficiency solutions, over others tendering.
  • Learning more about retrofitting allows you to answer client questions as an expert.
  • A lack of knowledge in this field could actually soon become detrimental to your ability to win tenders.

b) Earn a certification in retrofitting to stand out from the crowd

  • Homeowners are looking for advice from construction professionals who know the best retrofit practices to reduce costs.
  • Becoming certified in retrofitting means that you can increase your reputation and add a valuable qualification to your skillset.
  • A retrofit certification will also increase your credibility, demonstrate your expertise and will ultimately help you to broaden your services.

c) You’re almost there already! 

Most builders already have some basic knowledge and experience with retrofitting such as loft insulations and double glazing. All that’s left is to extend your knowledge so that you can accurately advise clients on costs and materials.

What are the best tools to learn more about retrofitting?

Get certified

  • For in-depth knowledge and recognition: The PAS 2030 is the most recognised certificate and will lead to you becoming TrustMark registered. Both are essential requirements for getting involved in government-funded retrofit schemes. The PAS 2030 certificate starts from £500.
  • Register with a trustworthy company: Many contractors are registered with the Installation Assurance Authority, which will help you earn your PAS 2030.
  • For fast and cheap: The Green Register also offers a 10-hour online video course where a certificate is awarded. This course is just £299.
  • For dipping your toe in: If you’re not looking to become certified just yet, Ecofurb has excellent resources where you can learn more.
  • Reach out to your local council: Some councils such as Essex are part of The Retrofit Academy, a fully-funded programme which helps smaller contractors become retrofit approved and get started on local retrofit projects.

Learn more

  • Ecofurb gives you more insight into how to best advise your clients on reducing carbon emissions.
  • The UK government also offers incentives to homeowners with grants up to £1,500. You can help your clients take advantage of this and make retrofitting an even more attractive option for them. This April, the Eco+ scheme will offer grants to even more households.

Calculate costs

  • Making the most of the free Ecofurb calculator tool is a great way to show off knowledge. Simply input your client’s home address and budget, and you’ll be shown a range of suitable retrofit installations and their prices. 
  • When advising your clients on the cost of materials, GreenMatch is a site that calculates quotes based on your clients’ needs.

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